First Maccabi Fun Run in Mexico

The CDI-DeporVida is living its most active times. In 2019 they organized their first FLF seminar which was followed by the very first Maccabi Fun Run in Mexico. The community and charity running event was a huge success with more than 1200 participants. With this number, the Maccabi Fun Run in Mexico is among the biggest Fun Run events ever.

The event couldn’t be done without an amazing collaboration. The organizers, namely Ilan Eichner, Ari Dalma, Jacobo Palombo and Eitan Rozen worked together with Marcos Metta Cohen, the president of CDI-DeporVida and enjoyed the support of the CLAM – ConfoderaciĆ³n Latinoamericana Macabi.

A big thank you to them and to the MWU for making it happen. You rock!