Maccabi Fun Run as a result of FLF Program

One of the main goals of the FLF Program is to inspire young leaders to become more active in their local communities. Out of this idea over 30 cities from all over the world have hosted Maccabi Fun Runs.

The first city was London in 2007, followed by Budapest in 2011. Since then, a Global Support Team from within the EMC has created a standardized working process which allows any new city to follow the guidelines and create their own unique event.

The Maccabi Fun Run offers a unique way for combining a community day together with fundraising efforts. Local Jewish charities or organizations in that city attend the event along with members of the Jewish community, to support new and old initiatives. Together, the community strengthens itself!

As mentioned, the organizers of most Maccabi Fun Runs are FLF participants who are young leaders in their communities, looking to create a meaningful gathering. Together with the Maccabi Fun Run Support Team, and with MWU, Maccabi Fun Runs are due to spread to even more cities and continents around the world in 2020.