The Maccabi Fun Run arrived at the USA

2019 was a crucial year in the development of the FLF Program and Maccabi Fun Run in the US. Together with dedicated representatives of Maccabi USA, the first FLF Seminar was hosted in Philadelphia with a focus on Maccabi Fun Run. The seminar participants included young leaders from different states and together they better understood the project, brainstormed ideas and innovations, and explored the possibilities of their contribution.

Following this seminar, with the help of Tamar Simon and the Global Maccabi Fun Run Team each of the participants organized a Maccabi Fun Run in their city creating four runs across the US in the span of 9 months, bringing together hundreds of community members around the US. The Maccabi Fun Run took place in Philadelphia, Raleigh, Washington and Delray Beach in South Florida.

FLF proved again that it is such a special leadership program that empowers young leaders while strengthening Jewish communities around the world.