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01-03 December 2017
Lisbon, Portugal
120 Euro
/ person

The seminar was focused on:

  • Fundraising
  • Growth strategy
  • Marketing
  • Standardization
  • Support Team
  • Reviews
  • Brain storming & Problem-solving
  • Team building
Raslan Abu Rukun
Political Advisor
Opening Session
Gabriel Steinhardt
President of the Jewish Community of Lisbon
Jewish Life in Portugal
Barbara Burian
Global FLF Organiser, Founder of
Project Management with Trello
Darren Swan
General Manager of Wall Street English Portugal
Global Promotion
Joel Mendels
Global FLF Organiser, Data Scientist
Design Thinking Workshop
Robert Cohen
Global FLF Organiser, Executive Director of MJ Group
Talking Leadership - Why are we here?
Danielle Bensky
Global FLF Organiser, Psychologist
Goals and Plans for 2018
Tomer Aboody
Director, MT Finance
Sponsors' Panel
Anton Teper
Founder of the Hebrew Order of David
Sponsors' Panel
Oliver Tasnadi
Founder of TASNADI & CO
Design Standardisation Tips and Tricks for your Maccabi Fun Run