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27-30 April 2017
Warsaw, Poland
150 Euro
/ person

FLF Visionary Seminar

Our movement is driven by visionary leaders building active, vibrant Jewish community life all over the world.


The FLF Visionary Seminar leadership program offers:

  • Hasbara speakers invited from Israel
  • Visionary Polish guest speakers
  • Team work about leadership
  • Global Maccabi Fun Run project work
  • Skill development exercises for future visionary leaders
  • Holocaust commemoration
  • Cruising in Warsaw
  • Guided tour in the Jewish district
  • Shabbat Experience
  • Sport activity
Barbara Burian
Global FLF Organiser, Founder of
Visionary Thinking and Leadership Skillset
Carlos Tapiero
Head of Education Department, Maccabi World Union
Status of Jerusalem
Eytan Gilboa
Professor and Expert on American-Israeli relations, Bar-Ilan University
Combating Delegitimization Session
Yair Fraiman
Director of Public Diplomacy, Ministry of Strategic Affairs
Combating Delegitimization Session
Natalia Marczak
Chairwoman of Maccabi Warsaw
Official Pre-War Sportswear
Joanna Fikus
Head of the Exhibitions Department, Polin Museum
Visionary of the Polin Museum
Joel Mendels
Global FLF Organiser, Data Scientist
Why-How-What – FLF Visionary
Kamil Marczak
Co-Founder of Multilesson
Vision in IT Business
Arkadiusz Swierczewski
Venture Capital and Media Expert
Vision in Media