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06-08 March 2015
Madrid, Spain
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FLF Hazak Veamatz Seminar

This seminar united young Jewish people from 20 countries all over from Europe with the spirit of sport and Maccabi’s famous slogan: “Hazak Veamatz”, “be strong and courageous”- that’s the way the people in Maccabi see their voluntary work – as a mission.


The first station of the seminar took place in Santiago Bernabeu, the stadium of Real Madrid soccer team. On the next day the participants had two sessions with Dana Zalicha, psychologist and organisational consultant, about leadership empowerment in Casa Sefard Museum and Conference Centre. They also met the President of the Jewish Community of Madrid, David Hatchwell, who talked about the meaning of leading a Jewish community in the diaspora. There was also a group session with Asaf Golan about Zionism and Antisemitism. The FLF members visited the sport center of Maccabi Tzair where the Israeli Ambassador, Alon Bar spoke about the elections in Israel. Finally the young leaders celebrated Purim in a private party with the local community.

David Hatchwell
President of the Jewish Community of Madrid
Community Leadership
Alon Bar
Israeli Elections
Dana Zelicha
OWBA’s Founder, Mindfulness Specialist
Leaders Empowerment - Mindfulness & Awareness
Asaf Golan Golinsky
Product Marketing Manager, Former Shaliach
Guido Gansievich
Community Leader
Maccabi Tzair