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26 May 2015-02 June 2015
Tel Aviv, Israel
250 Euro
/ person

FLF Global High Tech and Hasbara Seminar

During the 28th MWU Congress 85 young Maccabi leaders from around the world came to Israel to take part in FLF Global High Tech and Hasbara Seminar.


The participants visited the Mandel Institute and IDC Herzelia, had a session with two politicians at the Knesset and went to pray to the Kotel. They had a Social / High Tech day organized in SOSA, with top speakers such as Uri Levin (founder of Waze) and Guy Ben Dor (TED Speaker) among others. The second part of the seminar was focused on the Maccabi movement. The young leaders took part in the Euro-Desk meeting and the Congress sessions.

Aviv Hochbaum
Co-Founder, Rega
The Urban Project
Ayoob Kara
Minister of Communications, Likud
Being the Knesset Member as an Israeli Druze Politician
Bambi Sheleg
Israeli journalist, Founding editor of the magazine Eretz Acheret
Social Justice and Identity
Danny Bar Giora
Director, Mandel Institute
Mandel Institute
Dr. Granit Almog-Bareket
Co-Director of Graduate Unit, Mandel Institute
Mandel Institute
Dr. Guy Hoffman
Ph.D in Human-Robot Interactions, Assistant Professor, IDC
Gai Ben Dor
Founder of 180° Sport, Story: A Runner with Soul
Wanted: A Runner with Soul
Karen Tal
Founder and Director of Tovanot B'Hinuch
Education in the Periphery of Israel
Kaynan Rabino
VP of Vision Ventures, Ted Arison Family Foundation, Good Deeds Day
Good Deeds Day
Liat Aaronson
Executive Chairman, Zell Entrepreneurship Program
Zell Business Community for Students
Michael Bornstein Oren
Former Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Office
Being a Member of the Knesset
Moshe Vigdor
Director General, Mandel Institute
Mandel Institute
Oren Simanian
Community Manager, Indiegogo
Rinnat Porat
Director of Life Sciences Division, Israel Science Foundation
Science & Innovation in Israel
Ruth Zloof
Founder of Maccabi Rohovot Basketball Club
Leading a Female Basketball Team
Uri Levin
Co-Founder of Waze
Story of the Biggest Traffic and Navigation App
Yuval Abramovitz
Author of The List
Shout your Dreams out
Amir Gissin
New Media, Israel & Hasbara
Garrett Weber Gale
Olympic Gold Medallist Swimmer
How to Become a Golden Medal Olympic Athlete?
Oren Zukerman
Founder of Media Innovation Lab, IDC Herzliya
Human-Computer Interaction
David Bracha
Community Leader, Business Analyst
Maccabi New York City - FLF Model
Robert Cohen
Global FLF Organiser, Executive Director of MJ Group
Maccabi Europe - FLF Model
Nadav Embon
Co-Founder of Memories@Home
Holocaust Remembrance in the Living Room