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25-28 February 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands
250 Euro
/ person

FLF Business & Talent Seminar

The aim of the Flagship Business and Talent Seminar was to encourage the young leaders to find their own talent.


The seminar provided a strong self- and community development program to the participants who learnt how to use their talent as a professional skill to improve their local Maccabi community and achieve their personal goals.

Adam Field
Head of Global Fan Engagement
How to Get Your Dream Job
Boris Dittrich
Human Rights Activist
LGBT Rights
Donald Pagrach
Co-Founder, DialoogPartners
Business Coaching
Dr. Erick Scherder
Professor of neuropsychology
The Effect of Training Your Brain in Talent Development
dr. Kilian Wawoe
Organisational Psychologist
Talent Management
Eric van der Burg
Deputy Major of Amsterdam
The City of Amsterdam
Erik Meijer
Computer Scientist
Jacques Gotlieb
Description mediator
Conflict Prevention and Resolution Negotiations
Jules van Hessen
Music & Talent
Mario Izcovich
JDC Director of Pan European programs
Community Coaching
Robert Benninga
Leadership Coach
Roland Kahn
Founder of CoolCat
Finding the Right People
Maxime van Gelder
Chairman of Maccabi Nederland
Welcome Session