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12-15 November 2015
Budapest, Hungary
150 Euro
/ person

EMC Congress FLF Seminar

48 Maccabi young FLF leaders from 22 countries came to the FLF Connect Seminar which was held in parallel to the EMC Congress where the new EMC Executive was elected. The aim of the seminar was to connect the young potential leaders with the Heads of Maccabi territorial organisations. After having had a lot of networking events and sessions about the future Maccabi projects, the FLF members became more motivated to get involved in their community and already created own projects.


One of the highlights of the leadership sessions was the presentation of the producers of theĀ Oscar-nominated movie, Son of Saul, who gave someĀ management tips to the participants by using case studies.

The seminar was also celebration because some of the FLF members became the board members of the Maccabi organisations. Furthermore the FLF participants could take part in the EMG presentations at the EMC Congress where Budapest got the opportunity to organise the next European Maccabi Games in 2019.

Gabor Rajna
Film Producer
Son of Saul
Gabor Sipos
Film Producer
Academy Awards
Peter Breuer
General Manager, Breuer Press
Politics in the Middle East
Motti Tichauer
Former Chairman, European Maccabi Confederation
European Maccabi Games
Laurent Rueff
Founder of Bionic
Candidate City: EMG 2019 in Basel
Barbara Burian
Global FLF Organiser, Founder of
Candidate City: EMG 2019 in Budapest
Asaf Golan Golinsky
Product Marketing Manager, Former Shaliach
Interpersonal Communication
Angelo Della Rocca
Global FLF Organiser, Manager of Villa York S. C
Water Games
Yaarit Rahamim
Author of Interviews with Maccabiah Members, Flight Attendant
My Maccabiah Book
Carlos Tapiero
Head of Education Department, Maccabi World Union
Hasbara Session
Benjamin Gotlieb
Senior Sales Manager
Next Seminar: in Amsterdam
Eszter Fenyvesi
Community Leader, Business Analyst
TOs Competition